Dart lineup gets revamped

Three (sort of) new trim levels, one new package, plus lower pricing.

SXT Sport, Turbo, GT Sport are the new trim levels, all of which should give a temporary kick in the pants to Dart sales numbers. The Chrome Package sounds cool for those of you that like da bling.

SXT Sport is a mashup of SE and SXT, replacing both of those. Turbo is basically the Aero it replaces, while adding a mildly sported up appearance. GT Sport is the old GT, only with standard 17 inch wheels.

Out of the three, ‘Turbo’ as a nameplate should help alleviate confusion with the current lineup. Unlike other automakers of the last 30 years, previous marketing efforts seem to have overlooked the turbocharged engine. Sure, it’s just a 1.4, but what the hell, other automakers make their small displacement pressurized 4 bangers well known these days. Continue reading…