Chrysler 300 specs- 1962

1962 Chrysler 300 specs


Note: It may look alot like the ’61 300, but the fins were now gone and the wheelbase shrunk 4 inches…..

Platform: Corporate

Body Styles: hardtop coupe, hardtop sedan(base only), post sedan(base only), convertible

Trim Levels: Sport, ‘H’

Wheelbase: 122″

Overall Length: 214.9″

Overall Width: 79.0″

Curb Weight: 3780lbs(post sedan), 4050lbs(hardtop coupe), 3610lbs(hardtop sedan), 4105lbs(convertible)

Available Engines: 383 CID 4bbl V8, 413 CID 2x4bbl Golden Lion V8

Available Transmissions: 3-SPEED MANUAL, 3-SPEED AUTOMATIC

Axle Ratios: 3.23, 3.55

Wheels Offered: 15″x5.5″

Tires Offered: 87.60×15


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