Plymouth RoadRunner specs- 1975

1975 Plymouth RoadRunner specs


Wheelbase: 114.9″

F/R Track Width: 61.9″/62.0″

Overall Length: 213.8″

Overall Width: 77.1″

Overall Height: 52.6″

Curb Weight: 3760 lbs.

Available Engines: 318 CID 2bbl V8, 360 CID 2bbl V8, 360 CID 4bbl V8, 400 CID 2bbl V8, 400 CID 4bbl V8

Available Transmissions: 3-SPEED MANUAL (318 only), TorqueFlite 727 3-SPEED AUTOMATIC

Axle Ratios: 2.45, 2.71, 2.94, 3.21

Fuel Capacity: 25.5 GALLONS

Standard Wheels: 14″x5.5″ rallye, 15″x5.5″ polycast turbine

Standard Tires: G70x14, G70x15

Fact: This was a one year only body style using the Roadrunner model name. For ’76, the model name moved to the smaller F-body/Volare platform.


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