The Charger has four doors! SO WHAT!

Have you noticed lately on forums and social media, that certain individuals are still complaining, 7 years later, about the LX Dodge Charger having 4 doors? My favorite is “A real Charger is a 2 door”. I agree that a Charger coupe would be nice, but the days of an automaker producing multiple 2 door variants have long passed.

Then there’s the “Charger is not retro enough”. I guess they can’t see the coke-bottle lines going down the side of the current version. And where did Dodge ever say that Charger will be an all out retro machine like the Challenger?

I guess these guys fail to see the overall history of the Charger, post-1970. Look at the funky shaped ’71 models, then the luxo-barge ’75s. How about those early to mid 80s front wheel drives? The Charger name has been used on a wide variety of car-types. As far as the new ones not looking exactly like the ’69 models, as it seem these guys want, I have three words: GET OVER IT!

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